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July 13, 2008

Thesis Statements

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Can I just say the place where HD projects fall short is almost always the Thesis Statement? I was looking at this fantastic board the other day that came to states, but went no further as the judges thought there wasn’t enough analysis. It had a thesis statement. It was place prominently on the board in the center where I like to see it, but it started with all this exposition. It was not a statement but actually a paragraph with roughly 3-4 sentences. A thesis statement is one sentence. There can be much debate about this. In fact I encourage it (Despite how incredibly wrong people who think a thesis statement is more than one sentence! Now I am going to do 2 things. Give you an AWESOME idea for a topic AND show you and example Thesis. Arthur Causwell was an amazing figure who lived at an incredibly exciting time in American and New York State History. His family, his associates, and his legacy easily earn him a place in history. He also exemplifies what may be America’s number one National Identity Crisis: race. I love this guy as he was deeply spiritual, intellectual and a complex figure that was torn between many worlds. I took this from (a really great place to start general research.) but even they have the thesis as two sentences. So I took out the period, used items in a series and made them parallel with the use of the verb to be in past tense.

Arthur C. Parker (1881 – 1955) was of an ethnically diverse background, was a complex figure familiar from childhood with both Native American and European American cultures, but was not always fully at home in either atmosphere.

Now before any of you get the nutty idea that I am telling you to plagarize a web site for your thesis, DON”T! I am just using this as a good example of what a thesis CAN BE.  It is too rare I see good statements as they are so difficult to write. In fact, we will be extra watchful for this as the year progresses.

So, in this the rub is in the last phrase but was not always fully at home in either atmosphere.

This is what this person will be endeavoring to prove on this web page.

So when working on your HD project, consider Arthur. And consider the need for as strong thesis.


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