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July 5, 2008

July 4 in America’s Most Perfect Village

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We have celebrated by visiting with friends in the Village, as the clank of bats and cheers of fans wafted over the high fences of Double Day Field and into the yard where my girls were enjoying climbing over our friends Cake and Dabe, as my youngest calls them.

One of our friends (who is a Tory at heart) was wearing a bespangled British Flag T-shirt and it was only after some ribbing did we realize we were imbibing with Canadian beer, and German Sausages . No real room to make fun.

But I am always taken aback to this time in History when General William Howe and a flotilla that was described as “all London afloat” came to settle the question of American Independence. Thousands of English and Hessians-massive ships-guns-bayonets and the Union Jack flying over water that at that time may have actually supported life. The lands were green. Trees instead of street signs. Wood smoke and animals, instead of smog and sewage. How frightened Washington and the men must have been. Such a turning point-such a conflict of place and heritage. So many individuals from Washington and Howe to Adams and Jefferson to George the III and all the nameless men in the trenches. War on our own streets. Something we have not known for almost 150 years.

If you have a chance over this three day weekend, grab a history book. Read through the circumstances and thoughts and arguments that were raging in this so very new nation to be.

My favorite founding father- John Adams-is someone I like to read.

“When I consider the great events which are passed and those greater which are rapidly advancing, and that I may may have been instrumnetall in touching some springs, and turning some wheels, which have had and will have such effects, I feel an awe upon my mind which is not easily described.”

This is not a bad time as you eat brats, watch fireworks, and play baseball to think about the individuals who have made our history worth celebrating.

Happy Independence


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