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June 15, 2008

Show Time

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Well as Cooperstown New York begins to stir (that would be the chickens, the robins, my dog and me. Its 5 am) I am getting ready to head to DC for the Big Show. The National History Day Competition!

I will be getting in the mystery Van with the HD Gal and two team members who will call Thing One and Thing Two, and we are loading the History Day Mystery Van and headed for DC.  Due to budget cuts and rising fuel costs we have actually strapped a sail to the top and hope that will assist with gas prices. We will also be staying in the dorms this year. That is another cost savings measure, but those rooms in the White House don’t come cheap!
I want to offer a little advice to all competitors: Don’t Panic!:) I believe that is a line from a book (Where are my Adams Geeks at?)

Relax. Meet people. Trade buttons. Look at others work and don’t think-“I should have done that”-just think-“cool.” Be confident. You are from the Empire State Baby. If you can make it here…

So, breathe deep. You know your stuff. Chat with judges comfortably but with confidence, and be sure to make it to the Mall for Monuments and what not. More than anything have fun. I know I will!



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