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May 2, 2008

New York State History Day 08

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Hey Y’all It’s New York State History Day! I am reeling from registering kids from Yonkers, from the Southern Tier, Brooklyn, Albany Rochester and all points in between. There are over 20 new schools, and I will wager one of the most diverse group of state participants we have ever had!
We have kids from urban and rural districts. Upstate and Downstate. Everyone is smiles and just happy to be in Cooperstown.

Several Dad’s all but hug me when I tell them they get free entry in the BBHOF. Many more anxious and worried mothers ask and re ask where and when there kids should show up.

One young lady shows up with a fever and in tears but plans on competing in the am.

It is a world wind.

My personal hero the history Day Gal is kicking butt and taking names, running the show like a real veteran. She is, as always, awesome…

Friday will bring the big day. Admidiately, kids will be less giddy and more serious. I say have a good time. Far too often History Day can take on a real Christopher Guest feel. The smart ones just relax, smile, answer the questions, and enjoy the ride.

Friday will be good. Everything is under control!


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