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September 20, 2007

So you want to make a web site…

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There has been a good deal of questions about the web site category and I think what is really needed is education for the teachers. We all use web sites all the time. We go there to shop, check the weather, and a variety of tasks.

But to develop a New York State History Day project in a non- linear medium. That is a challenge. With papers, performances, exhibits, and papers, there is a sembelance of a start and an end. With web sites, you will most likely have a medium that can start at any point. You could jump from point to point without regard to where you start in a historical narrative.

I think kids developing these sites will have an intutive nature about that many teachers may be lacking.

I wouldn’t be suprised to see the thesis on the first page, and links leading you to successive points and then have a final conclusiopn. Of course the beauty of the web is the ability to travel in real time imediately from one point to another.

So, as a teacher, what I want is a cheat sheet! Well, we at New York State History Day are going to work on one of those, and my prtna’ in crime. T.V. and I are working on one. But the next best thing is to take a look at this website.

On the homepage, you essentially have a thesis statement. In the upper left hand, you have a consistant navigation menu that remains the same on each page. There are areas that hst primary sources, media, maps. All are linked back to the first page that introduces the thought behind the entire site.

I think this is an excellent tool to help teachers get their heads around the category, and mayhelp students as well.


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