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May 23, 2007

The New Phone Book is Here! The New Phone Book is Here!

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Ok, so most people don’t get as excited as Mavin Johnson when he sees his name in print for the first time when the new National History Day Theme Sheet comes out, but I do! It looks like the Theme is Conflict and Compromise. This is a great Theme that gives us an array of topics. I am hoping that all of you hard core history geeks move beyond the surface and come up with a topic that really wows us at regional and state levels this year!

All too often we see the same topic : Atomic Bomb: The Bomb that ended it All,The Atomic Bomb: The Triumph of the Tragedy…The Atomic Bomb: The Only Topic I found Cool Photos Of…The Atomic Bomb: I saw a History Chanel Special On This…

This is just an example. The tragic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki still offer us a myriad of historical avenues to approach History Day from, but all too often the look at this topic is just that: a general look without exploring a new side to it.

What I would love to see is more students taking large global or national topics and taking a more localized approach. If Someone is going to do the Compromise of 1850 ,as I expect many will, look to your communities’ family, or state’s tie in. Who in your state was involved with this act or the resulting circumstances? Use the event as the back drop for something that at first glance may appear smaller, but also can be linked to national or even global history.

If there is a big topic like D-Day you are interested in, go to a good source and find a smaller aspect. When you analyze a big event and tell the small stories, you help make a topic have a personal element that can be very compelling.

So enough of all that. I will continue to bug you about keeping your topics narrow and I look forward to seeing this years work!


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